Sample set of letters displayed in a variety of typefaces.
If you wish to give this program a try, you can download it here for Mac OS X  or here for Windows.
1. Once you are redirected to Google Drive, you will be able to directly download the program.
2. Click on "Download All" on the top right corner. Google Drive will zip the file for a faster download.
3. Once downloaded, locate the file on your computer, most likely in your Downloads folder, and boot it up.
•When the application is up and running, you can start typing any alphanumeric character from the keyboard.
•For uppercase letters, hold down the shift key. It remain pressed at all times to display the letter in uppercase form.
•Left-click inside of any of the colored character boxes to change the typeface from the possible three in each box.
•Right-click in any of the boxes for the italic/oblique version of the character.

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