Retr-O-Cream aims to brand a business that functions as an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with indoor seating where customers can comfortably enjoy their ice cream. The shop makes purchasing ice cream an event and creates the experience of 1950s retrofuturism. Since retrofuturism implies the use of technology, it can help people adapt to new lifestyles, such as the vegan lifestyle.
From a design standpoint, the shop evokes the future as imagined in the 1950s with a minimal color palette, extended use of geometric forms, strong diagonals, and use of sleek metal chrome finish and various futuristic objects like robots and spacecraft as decor.
The logo for Retr-O-Cream is the visual representation of both an ice cream cone which symbolizes traditional ice cream shops, and a robot head which symbolizes advancements in technology that ties with the ideals of retrofuturism.
The logo mark is divided into four distinct pieces: the electric current, the drip, the cone, and the scoop. All of the rounded edges are based off circles. The angled lines are at a 45° angle.
Style guide
TYPOGRAPHY: Mekanik was explicitly chosen to capture the distinctiveness of the brand. This typeface embodies a futuristic feeling that is gracefully presented in the stoic design of this retro type. As secondary typefaces, both Eurostile and Franklin Gothic help to compliment the structure of Mekanik.
COLOR: The concept behind the colors for the brand is derived from various inspirations. These inspirations are tied to a specific relationship a color has with an item. For example, the color red is reminiscent of the traditional American 1950s diners. Following this mechanic, all of the 12 colors of the brand were chosen.
The brand style guide for Retr-O-Cream carefully examines the proper usage of the various elements that make up the brand. With a distinctive look at the core values of the company, the guide helps to ensure that the brand and the way it is presented is always professional, consistent, and distinctively Retr-O-Cream. Download the full style guide here.
Above are promotional posters of three out of the twelve flavors the company sells. These posters were 36" x 24" in length to resemble the popular size used in both subway platforms and bus stops.
In order for the public to understand in a meaningful way why Retr-O-Cream stands for what it is, a website was developed. The website gives an insight to its humble beginnings and what sets them apart from other ice cream parlors around the area. You can visit the full website here.
The video above shows real-size 3D-rendered mockups of the ice cream shop. The renderings show the audience how the brand can be applied to all aspects of the store, including furniture, serving counters, and wall decorations.
Installation Photos

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