HelloFresh is all about fresh, delectable, and straightforward home-cooked meals. Yet, their digital presence needed a touch that could effectively translate this simplicity and vibrancy. The aim was to craft designs that elevate conversions and entice a broader audience with dynamic and engaging visuals. Leveraging tools like Figma, Illustrator, and Photoshop, the designs were centered around the theme "Freshness at your fingertips." This ethos was brought to life using photography showcasing fresh ingredients and graphics that seamlessly resonated with the brand's voice and ethos.
Utilizing resources from Illumination Studios, I developed an immersive gamified experience centered around the Minions. This interactive endeavor seamlessly incorporated surprise and playful interactions, captivating the target audience. Explore the live campaign through this link.
Designed triggered emails that align seamlessly with the client's established marketing styles. These emails are integral to the user re-engagement strategy, addressing scenarios like plan and cart abandonment.

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