Large-scale signage
These 8'x8' banners informed teachers how to access new classroom resources.
Mockup to scale, showing the spacing for the computer to let teachers sign in.
Following the banners above, these were modified to be a smaller size of 7'x3'. These were used for a coordinator's session in a smaller space.
This 23'x8' billboard was part of some large-scale designs that cover the walls of the conference venue.
These are stands used to hold the Course Exam Descriptions (CED), which was the new product unveiled for teachers at the conference. On the left is a mockup of the stands against a column. On the right are some of the new designs for the CEDs. Each AP class has its own CED. Disclaimer: Only some of the CEDs are shown above.
Different types of giveaways, so there's something for everyone.
These pin buttons were the most popular giveaway at the conference. Each button represents one of the 38 AP classes offered by the program. (Zoom in on the left image to see the artwork in detail)

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